Junior World Orienteering Championships 2017

Bringing You and the future stars together

9.-16.7.2017 Tampere


JWOC 2017 9.-16.7.2017.


Tampere is the largest inland city in the Nordic counties and it is located between two gorgeous lakes. Cafes, restaurans, shops, cinemas, adventure parks, museums, galleries – there is something for everybody in Tampere!


Two forest orienteering terrains (Särkänperä Viitapohja) are located withing 30 minutes driving distance from the city center of Tampere. The sprint arena Pispala is a unique city center neighbourhood on top of a ridge with many trails and beautiful views down to two lakes.


JWOC accommodation, The Atheletes’ Village, will be located in the Murikka institute. The institute is situated by lake Näsijärvi, in the middle of nature in the Häme province. However, it takes only half an hour
from the city center of Tampere to the institute by car


JWOC program contains sprint, middle distance, long distace and relay as traditional. In the same time there are five competitions spectator race Fin5 orienteering week ranging from sprint to middle and long distances. 


 Tampere is located in southern Finland some 170 km north of Helsinki, the capital of the country. It is within easy reach: less than two hours by train or by car from both coastal cities and even more conveniently accessible by air, thanks to Tampere’s good flight connections.


Welcome to Finland and to Tampere to the Junior World Orienteering Championships 2017! We are thankful for the responsibility we have been given together with the Finnish Orienteering Federation, the city of Tampere and Koovee Orienteering Club.
Unforgettable Nordic terrains and Athlete Village
For quite some time now we have been preparing for the event to offer high-class tracks, terrains, athlete’s village and other activities. We hope that in the year 2017, when Finland is celebrating its 100th year of independence, both the orienteers and spectators will have an unforgettable and amazing experience!


The release of Bulletin will be delayed a few weeks, and the new planned release date is May 1.
Name: Olli Ojanaho Date of birth: 25 February 1997 Lives in: Helsinki, Finland Club: Helsingin Suunnistajat Best results: 3 x gold + 2 x bronze…

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  Name:  Simon Hector Date of birth: 12/7-1997 Lives in: Huddinge, Stockholm Club: Snättringe SK Best results: Gold JWOC Relay 2014, Silver JWOC Long 2015,…

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JWOC 2017 / FIN5 orienteering week
JWOC 2017 / FIN5 orienteering weekThursday, April 27th, 2017 at 1:49am
Uusi osanottajalistaus on julkaistu. New list of all the participants is published!

Oheisesta linkistä löydät nyt kaikki ne, jotka ovat jo ehtineet mukaan Fin5 2017 viikolle.
Follow the link below and You can find all those who already have said “Me too!” to Fin5 2017.


Seuraava maksukynnys päättyy toukokuun lopussa, joten kutsuthan kaveritkin mukaan
The next payment period ends at the end of May, so please, invite your friends to join us too.
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JWOC 2017 / FIN5 orienteering week
JWOC 2017 / FIN5 orienteering weekWednesday, April 26th, 2017 at 12:37am
Tiedoksi mahdollisille MM-kisaedustajille. For the possible JWOC participants

Toukokuun loppuun mennessä Finille ilmoittautuneille ja myöhemmin MM-kisajoukkueisiin valituille nuorille palautetaan osanottomaksut ilman toimistokuluja. Näin voitte hyödyntää edullisemman maksukynnyksen ja odottaa silti rauhassa myöhempiä valintapäätöksiä.

Information: all those who make their entry to Fin5 before the next payment period ends by the end of May and are chosen to the JWOC teams after this, will have their entry fees refunded without extra costs.
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JWOC 2017 / FIN5 orienteering week
JWOC 2017 / FIN5 orienteering weekTuesday, April 18th, 2017 at 4:07am
FIN5 -kisaviikon päiväkohtaiset alustavat aikataulut tiedoksi suuntaa antavasti (tarkemmat kellonajat selviävät myöhemmin):

Maanantaina 10.7. keskimatkan kisa iltapäivällä alkaen klo 13
Tiistaina 11.7. pitkämatkan kisa juostaan aamulla
Keskiviikkona 12.7. sprintti iltapäivällä
Perjantaina 14.7. keskimatka aamulla
Lauantaina 15.7. pitkämatka aamulla

Preliminary timetable for Fin5-orienteering week are as follows (exact clock times will be published later).

On Monday 10th (middle) race starts at 1 PM
On Tuesday 11th (long) in the morning
On Wednesday 12th (sprint) in the afternoon
On Friday 14th (middle) in the morning
On Saturday 15th (long) in the morning
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JWOC 2017 / FIN5 orienteering week
JWOC 2017 / FIN5 orienteering weekTuesday, April 4th, 2017 at 7:42pm
Lue JWOC-nettisivuilta Olli Ojanahon matkasta kohti kotikisoja: http://www.jwoc2017.fi/category/news kuva: Roland Güdel

Read the story of Olli Ojanaho's journey toward JWOC in JWOC web page.
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