Photo by Roland Güdel

Photo by Roland Güdel


Name: Joey Hadorn

Date of birth: 11.04.1997

Lives in: Fahrni near Bern, Switzerland

Club: ol norska raskt tog team / OK Linné

Best results:

Double EYOC bronce 2013, 7 JEC Victories 2014/15/16 , Three time Junior World Champion and one Silver 2016


Last summer, one junior dominated the Swiss JWOC field. Joey Hadorn took an amazing three gold medals and a silver medal in his home country. Joey was born in an orienteering family near Bern and now, he is focusing on the races of next summer. Besides orienteering, he likes going fast on his bicycle and cross-country skiing. For the past couple of years, he has also displayed his speed in triathlon races.


Last summer, at the JWOC in Switzerland, you got  a gold medals in the long, the sprint and the relay races and silver in the middle distance. What are your expectations for JWOC 2017? What goals do you have for this summer?

Last year it was a pretty perfect JWOC, so next year I know, it can’t be like last year. But I hope I can run as stable as last year and give on every competition my best. I think this year other athletes have some more experience in this terrain. I want to see how I can run compared to the Scandinavian boys.


Sometimes it can be hard to focus and push hard again the next day if you just have gotten the gold medal. Was it hard for you to get a grip of yourself and to race again after the medals?

I think I was well prepared for all situations, so I know I have to conclude the race as fast as I can after the competition, no matter in which feeling I was. At the competition day, it’s clear that you have only the following competition in the head. Because of this, it’s also difficult to realize what happens.

How have your autumn and winter gone?

The training was pretty nice since now, I have some problems in the December, when I start again with the training, but now it works. I have not much technique trainings right now, but I think I can do now some more, especially for the JWOC.

What are the most important trainings for you now during the winter? What are your favorite trainings?

My favorite trainings are the cross country ski tracks, and the running sessions straight through the white forest. I think the trainings through the forest are very important, but also the long session, for the base. I think a good and stable base is one of the most important things for a successful season.

In Finland, it will be quite a different type of terrain compared to JWOC last year in Switzerland. Joey will continue with similar training as last year but he will also focus a bit more on technique trainings. Joey will continue training hard until the end of March and then he will have some training camps in Tessin Switzerland, Croatia, Tampere and Jura. In these training camps, he will do lots of technique trainings and hopes he will learn a lot of different terrain types.

Have you been training in Tampere?

I was in Tampere last summer after JWOC with the Swiss o juniors. I think we weren’t at the best terrains in Tampere, but for us Swiss guys it’s not that sad, we know that. But the skill to run straight and fast in this terrain I have to learn up to the JWOC, for that I have one more trainings camp in Tampere. The terrain does not suit me very well, but also the Engadin didn’t suit me very well, and I do all now to change that.

Do you focus more on some special distance or are all the races equally important?

No, but probably the forest terrain is more different than in Switzerland, so I have to focus a little bit more on that. Sprint it’s always quite the same and a game.

In Tampere, the Fin5-orienteering week will also be organized  during the JWOC-week. Why should Swiss orienteers come to Fin5 this year?

Of course to cheer up us Swiss guys 😉 But also to cheer to all other juniors. It can be some nice holidays with watching the JWOC and running by themselves in interesting Finnish terrains.

Is there something else you would like to tell?

At the moment there is a voting in Switzerland, it’s a voting over all Swiss junior athletes in Switzerland.

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I’m looking forward to this summer and well organized competitions and hopefully a great party as it was in 2016 😉

 Thank you Joey for the interview and good luck to the summer!