NameSimon Hector

Date of birth: 12/7-1997
Lives in: Huddinge, Stockholm
Club: Snättringe SK
Best results: Gold JWOC Relay 2014, Silver JWOC Long 2015, Silver JWOC Relay 2016, Bronze JWOC Relay 2015, 4th place JWOC Long 2016, 12 Golds Swedish Junior Championships, 8 victories in O-ringen


Photo by Roland Güdel

Photo by Roland Güdel

Swedish Simon Hector has run already three times in the Junior World Orienteering Championships and has brought a medal home each time. This summer, he is expecting high speed and intense map reading in JWOC in Tampere. His winter training has been successful and he is preparing especially for the long distance.


As a child you lived in many countries. Can you tell something about that?

My family moved to Saudi Arabia when I was 5 years old and stayed there for two years before we moved to Taiwan for half a year and to Thailand for another half. I was quite little but I think I started to enjoy exploring new places, something I really like when I do orienteering today. It’s about studying many places and a lot of things!

How and when did you start orienteering?

I started orienteering when I was 8 years old, when we came back from abroad. My brother had tried different sports but didn’t really like any of them so we tried orienteering to see if he would like it. Before I started orienteering I liked maps and enjoyed running and competing, so the sport suited me well!

Do you have hobbies?

Orienteering is my main hobby! I enjoy being with my girlfriend and friends.

During the winter, the most important thing with trainings for Simon is to stay healthy and avoid injuries so he can get a good practice without long pauses. Last winter and two winters ago, he had problems with his knee so now it is important to prevent getting more problems.


How have your autumn and winter been?

I am happy with my winter training so far! I have avoided injuries and planned my training weeks to make sure I receive the trainings I want. So far I have been to Tenerife with my girlfriend on a combined vacation and lighter training week with only orienteering in the programme. I will travel to Portugal later in February and maybe I will participate in another camps before the season starts. Otherwise, I have trained mostly in the Stockholm region during the winter. I feel I’m in good shape but the competitions will show if I have developed since last year!

What plans do you have for the end of the winter and for the spring?

In the spring, I will run the major Swedish events: Swedish League and the Swedish Champs disciplines which are in the spring. 10MILA and Jukola are also fun events to go to! Now I do not study and I work with drawing a sprint orienteering map, which is very flexible, so I think I’ll have the time to go to shorter training camps as well!

How many hours/kilometers do you exercise during a year?

I haven’t been so consistent in registering my exercise so I don’t have an exact number. I guess the amount was between 400-450 hours in 2016. During this winter, I have been exercised between 9-11 hours of per week but the focus is on quality!


Training diary (12/9-18/9-2016)

  Morning Afternoon Evening
Mon   Spinning 60 min + Strength training 15 min  
Tue   Running intervals 5×4:2 min + warm-up 15 min and cool-down 10 min  
Wed Strength training 30 min   Orienteering Pålamalm 82 min
Thu Running intervals 10x30s with 2 min rest + warm-up 15 min and cool-down 10 min   Orienteering Källbrink 31 min
Fri Rest day    
Sat Swedish Champs Long qualification Jämshög 50 min + warm-up 17 min and cool-down 10 min    
Sun Swedish Champs Long final Jämshög 75 min + warm-up 13 min    


Training diary (6/2-12/2-2017)

  Morning Evening
Mon Rest day  
Tue Running exercises 15 min + running 73 min


Rope strength training 50 min + running 11 min
Wed   Orienteering night masstart Älvsjö (Mila Stockholm by Night) 54 min + warm-up 11 min and cool-down 11 min


Thu Orienteering Ågesta 80 min Strength training 65 min
Fri Running intervals 5×5:2 min + warm-up 17 min and cool-down 10 min Spinning 40 min
Sat Orienteering long run Svartviksskogen 128 min  
Sun Running intervals on track 4x(300-200-100) + warm-up 16 min, running exercises 14 min and cool-down 12 min



2014 JWOC in Bulgaria Simon received gold in the relay, JWOC 2015 in Norway a silver medal in the long distance and bronze in the relay, and last summer a silver medal in the relay as well as the best individual placement, 4th. So, he has a long “career” in JWOCs. Last August, he participated in a training camp in Tampere together with Swedish juniors.


Did you like the terrains?

I liked the terrains because they are detailed and not so hilly, it will be quite high speed and intense map reading. As usual, concentration will be very important. I will go to Tampere at least once more before JWOC if I reach the team!

What are you expecting for JWOC 2017? What goals do you have for this summer?

If I make it to the team also this year it will be my fourth JWOC which feels very exciting. I think JWOC in Tampere might suit me quite well because of the terrain but my aim is only to perform as well as I can do, then I will see what that leads to. During the last two years I have been most confident in the long distance so that will be the distance I will prepare most for, but I look forward to all races.

All three JWOCs I have run have been situated in places that are famous winter sport areas (Borovets in Bulgaria, Rauland in Norway and Engadin in Switzerland) so I think JWOC 2017 might be different because it is not situated in a mountain area. Tampere has large forest areas and many lakes. I expect tough and technical races in nice terrain which will give fair champions!

In Tampere, the Fin5-orienteering week is also organized during the JWOC-week. Why should Swedish orienteers come to Fin5 this year?

Many Swedish orienteers only come to Finland once a year to run Jukola. Take the chance to run a different type of event compared to Jukola and have the chance to experience Finland for real instead of only a one-day trip! Cheer for the stars of tomorrow with a good arena production and help the Swedish runners to medals!

Thank you Simon for the interview and good luck to the summer!