JWOC will be Anna Dvorianskaia’s highlight of the season


Name: Anna Dvorianskaia

Date of birth: 24.03.1997

Lives in: Samara, Russia

Club: IGTISA, Hellas

Best results: 8th place in sprint distance on EOC 2016, Czech Republic

2nd place in sprint distance on JWOC 2016, Switzerland

2nd place in sprint distance on WUOC 2016, Hungary

27th place in sprint distance on WOC 2016, Sweden

Last summer, Anna Dvorianskaia was 8th in the EOC sprint distance and got a silver medal in the JWOC sprint in Switzerland. Is sprint the distance you are focusing most? Do you do more sprint trainings than forest orienteering trainings?

Yes, the results of sprint distances were excellent in the 2016 season. Actually, I am not focused only on sprint, I do more forest trainings and want to run in forest good too.

What goals do you have for this summer?

My highlight for this season is JWOC and just get experience in orienteering.

You live in Samara. How is the winter there? Is it good place for orienteer to live?

The winter in Samara is very snowy, so in winter I take a break from summer-o and ski for a while. And to be honest for orienteering in Samara there are not so many interesting maps, but there are high mountains for running instead of them.

You do also ski-orienteering. Is it more like training for summer or do you have future goals as a ski-orienteer?

Ski-orienteering for me is just a change of activity and I enjoy it very much. I used to show good results in ski-o when being in youth groups, but now I use it as a rest from summer-o. Maybe I’ll participate in international students’ competitions in ski-o in Krasnoyarsk 2019.

How have your winter and spring have gone?

After winter, I started to run and my first training camp was in the second half of march – it was on mountains in the south of Russia, and all the April I spent in Sweden.

An example of a training week in March 2017:

Mon: 1) long orienteering with route choices in slow pace 2) recovery jogging

Tue: 1) sprint distance 2) running with a difficult stone ground under feet

Wed: rest day

Thu: 1) orienteering in mountains

Fri: 1) orienteering in mountains

Sat: 1) sprint distance with route choices and intervals 2) cycling as a rest

Sun: 1) competitions in sprint discipline

Have you been training in Tampere?

I haven’t been in Tampere, but I want to come there for a training camp before JWOC, but don’t know yet when.

In Tampere, the Fin5-orienteering week is also organized during the JWOC-week. Why should Russian orienteers come to Fin5 this year?

I think that Russians should definitely come to Fin-5 orienteering week, because it will be a very good experience on a difficult terrain with interesting courses. And they will cheer Russian team, that will help us a lot.