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  1. Mitätöityjen Fin5-sarjojen maksun palautus

    Lomake oli avoinna 4.8 saakka. Tarkistamme saapuneet palautuspyynnöt 10.8 mennessä ja palautamme maksut makdollisimman pikaisesti, Form was open untin 4.8. We will check information before…

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  2. Norway and Sweden claim first gold medals in the relay

    Norway won the men’s relay On the first leg the runners were mostly in one big group, with two attempts to break away from the…

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  3. Photos from relay and prize giving ceremony

    Photos (by Marjo Lalli) from relay and prize giving ceremony are here:

  4. Start times of the relays today

    Men’s relay starts at 13.30 Women’s relay starts at 14.45

  5. Phots from long distance

    Photos (by Marjo Lalli) from long distance

  6. Medal statistics and team results

    medals team results

  7. Start list for the relay

    Click here for the start list for tomorrow’s relay race.

  8. Long distance gold medals to the usual suspects Aebersold and Ojanaho

    Olli Ojanaho’s medal hopes were hanging by a thread Olli Ojanaho (FIN) (1:05.11) won his third consecutive gold medal at the JWOC today Friday before…

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  9. Bus transportation schedule to the relay race on Saturday

    The buses to the relay race leave from Murikanranta at 11.55. The transportation back to Murikanranta leaves from the competition center at around 5.30 PM.…

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  10. Start list for the long race

    Click here The start list includes a correction from the first one where two athletes were marked as starting at 13.45.