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Brand new WWW-layout is published

Both  FIN5 2017 and JWOC pages are taking brand new, responsive  layout. We hope that it is more informative and easier to use!

Training package information is updated

More information about training packages is published.

Training package information

Training terraings and initial info about training packages  is published.

Bulletin 1 is Published

Dowload link:

Snap 2015-07-20 at 19.12.58

Bulletin 1.

Web pages launched

JWOC2017 web pages launched!

JWOC is in Finland after 25 years

Today we heard the good news. JWOC2017 have been granted to us!

We are happy that, decision reach the public  news in Finland:

Application presentation in Italy

Koovee, City of Tampere and Finnish Orienteering Federation presents our application to IOF Foot-O comission in Italy. At the moment WOC 2017 is ongoing in Asiago, Italy.

The final application is submitted

Koovee is together with Finnish Orienteering association and City of Tampere send final application of JWOC 2017 to IOF.


Application video launched