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Start times of the relays today

Men’s relay starts at 13.30

Women’s relay starts at 14.45

Start list for the relay

Click here for the start list for tomorrow’s relay race.

Bus transportation schedule to the relay race on Saturday

The buses to the relay race leave from Murikanranta at 11.55. The transportation back to Murikanranta leaves from the competition center at around 5.30 PM. Please note that the buses are booked only for those teams that have signed up for the bus transportation in advance.

Start list for the long race

Click here

The start list includes a correction from the first one where two athletes were marked as starting at 13.45.

Bus transportation schedule for officials

Click here for the bus transportation schedule for officials for tomorrow’s race.

Long & Relay team officials’ meeting & new quarantine closing time!

TOM 13.7

Important information: the closing time of the quarantine at Murikanranta has changed, the new closing time is 9.15 AM.



Sprint Final TOM

TOM 11.7

Middle final bus schedule for officials

bus tickets for officials 11.7

Middle Final TOM presentation & Important Information!

TOM 10.7

Also note: All the buses to the pre-start leave 20 minutes earlier from Murikanranta than marked on the Bulletin. The quarantine at Murikanranta closes at 12.00.




Bus schedule for officials tomorrow

Bus division for team officials (click the link)

Tomorrow the athletes will have bus transportation to the start area. Each country can send one team official in the same bus as their first athlete. The biggest teams have also received a second seat in a bus later on. In case you do not need your second bus ticket, please do give it to someone who does!