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Bus transportation schedule for officials

Click here for the bus transportation schedule for officials for tomorrow’s race.

Long & Relay team officials’ meeting & new quarantine closing time!

TOM 13.7

Important information: the closing time of the quarantine at Murikanranta has changed, the new closing time is 9.15 AM.



Sprint and prize giving seremony photos

Photos (by Marjo Lalli) from sprint race can be found here:

Photos from prize giving seremony are here:

The gold medals again for Aebersold and Ojanaho

A historic win for Simona Aebersold

Simona Aebersold (SUI) (14.02) became a double junior world champion today by winning the sprint in front of Tereza Janosikova (CZE) (14.09, +0.07) and Linnea Golsater (14.21, +0.19).

Aebersold showed once again how good an all-round orienteer she is by defending her JWOC sprint gold from the two previous years. In her opinion today’s course was not typical for Tampere, but this seemed to suit her well: just like at middle distance, she was in the lead from the beginning to the finish. Aebersold is now the first person ever to win JWOC sprint gold three years in a row.

Janosikova kept the competition interesting by being the only one who had a shot at winning, all the time losing less than 10s to Aebersold. In the end she lost with only seven seconds, but this is the nature of sprint: even the smallest mistakes and hesitations prove to be decisive. She praised the course setter, who managed to make a diverse course that had changing characteristics as well as required intense orienteering throughout the competition.

Golsater got a bronze medal today in addition to her silver medal from the middle distance. She said that she hasn’t done any specific preparation for the sprint, running only three sprint races before the JWOC. It shows that specialisation in the junior classes is perhaps not yet as clear cut as in the elite classes. Both Janosikova and Golsater did mention that the terrain and course were a bit surprising and homework did not pay off that much – today the best were the ones who adapted quickly to unexpected circumstances.


1) Simona Aebersold Swizerland, 14:02

2) Tereza Janosikova, Czech Republic, 14:09

3) Linnea Golsater, Sweden, 14:21

4) Anna Dvorianskaia, Russia, 14:36

5) Valerie Aebischer Swizerland, 14:44

6) Anu Tuomisto, Finland, 14:45


Olli Ojanaho was the only one to break the 14 min barrier

Olli Ojanaho (FIN) (13.59) won his second JWOC gold medal today, ahead of Tommy Hayes (NZL) (14.07, +0.08) and Joey Hadorn (SUI) (14.09, +0.10).

Ojanaho had troubles finding the start point from the map during the first moments of the race, which caused a rough beginning, but even so he never fell out of the medal positions. In the second half of the competition his orienteering became much smoother and by pushing his limits, Ojanaho turned his 10s loss at the first radio into a clear victory at the finish: there was no question, Olli Ojanaho was again the strongest!


Hayes was perhaps a less-known name before today’s competition, but his impressive run announced an arrival of yet another strong sprinter from New Zealand. Hayes’ split at the first radio remained the best throughout the race and he only let the big favourite Ojanaho pass him in the second part of the race. There are no secrets behind Hayes’ success, it is easier to prepare for sprints in New Zealand than for forest distances and coupled with many track-sessions he has steadily raised his sprint orienteering to the world’s top junior level. That is not to say that forest distances are less important for Hayes, after a disappointing middle distance he is looking forward to the long distance and to the relay with his teammates.

Hadorn, on the other hand, was a strong favourite before today’s race, and he did not disappoint. As a quite an early starter, his time remained at the top of the results list for a very long time. Hadorn was mainly satisified with his race, but found faults in the execution of some longer legs. All in all with sprint being such a tight competition, he was happy with the bronze medal.


1) Olli Ojanaho, Finland, 13:59

2) Tommy Hayes, New-Zealand, 14:07

3) Joey Hadorn, Swizerland, 14:09

4) Tuomas Heikkila, Finland, 14:15

5) Alexander Chepeli, Great Britain, 14:16

6) Ricardo Esteves Ferreira, Portugal, 14:17

Middle final photos

Photos from Middle distance final can be found here:

Sprint Final TOM

TOM 11.7

Seminar of orienteering coaching

On Wednesday 12th there will be seminar of orienteering coaching organized after the JWOC prize giving ceremony. Seminar starts at 7pm and will be held in Ratina Stadium facilities. There is free entry into the seminar and doors will be open for all. Language of the seminar is Finnish. Please find further details of the seminar below.Seminar of orienteering coaching

Ojanaho and Aebersold – the clear winners on the middle distance

Finnish favourite managed to handle the pressure

Olli Ojanaho (FIN) won the gold medal at JWOC middle distance today with a big gap to the second place Audun Heimdal (NOR) (+1.21) and third place Simon Imark (SWE) (2.03).

Ojanaho said that he was a bit nervous at the beginning of the race, but managed to do a technically good first part of the course. After the runthrough he caught up with few runners, which resulted in some loss of focus and two small mistakes to the 15th and 16th control. Still, Ojanaho was physically above the others and despite those minor mistakes in an otherwise solid and stable run, celebrated as a clear winner.


Heimdal felt that the terrain was somewhat similar to Norway and together with good mapping suited him well. Surprisingly the most difficult leg was the last one: it looked easy on the map, one just had to follow a small track down a hill straight to the last control. But, as we all know, orienteering is not over until the last control! Like many others Heimdal had pretty much put the map already into his pocket and started to follow a wrong track made by previous runners, but corrected his mistake quickly and finished at a very fine second place.

Imark started good by going very straight to the first three controls, which killed medal chances for many favourites, but then had problems to the 4th, 6th and 8th control. Nevertheless, he did not let his mistakes bother him too much, managed to refocus and with a strong second part of the race could finish as a very happy bronze medalist.

  1. Olli Ojanaho, Finland, 23.47
  2. Audun Heimdal, Norway, 25.08
  3. Simon Imark, Sweden, 25.50
  4. Mathieu Perrin, France, 25.51
  5. Anton Forsberg, Sweden, 26.18
  6. Isac von Krusenstierna, Sweden, 26.19


Simona Aebersold made it look easy

Simona Aebersold (SUI) won the JWOC middle distance gold with the time of 23.15. Second was Linnea Golsater (SWE) (24.29, +1.14) and third Veera Klemettinen (FIN) (25.03, +1.48).


Aebersold made an impressive solo run and kept her orienteering under control during the whole race. She had hardly a weak moment during the race and her win was very formidable. Golsater was the only one in the first part of the course, who could match Aebersold’s speed, but a poor execution of the long leg cost her half a minute and a chance to fight for the gold until the end. The home crowd was happy to see Veera Klemettinen take the bronze medal after a tough fight between many girls, which found its resolve only with the very last controls.

  1. Simona Aebersold, Switzerland, 23.15
  2. Linnea Golsater, Sweden, 24.29
  3. Veera Klemettinen, Finland, 25.03
  4. Victoria Haestad Bjornstad, Norway, 25.14
  5. Sofie Bachmann, Switzerland, 25.39
  6. Sanna Fast, Sweden, 25.47


Information about the race for the spectators

The first start of middle JWOC final in mens’ class will be at 13.15, the womens’ class will start at 13.44. The start lists are available here:

The liveresults will be here:

There will be flower seremony at 16.30 in the competition center.

For the spectators who are arriving to the competition:

The address of the competition center is Hankajärventie 9. There are signposting from the road Kaitavedentie (338) crossroads to road Viitapohjantie, and from the south, crossroads to Pulesjärventie. From the Tampere-Jyväskylä road (9) there are signposts at the Viitapohjanraitti intersection. It is only allowed to come to the competition centers via the roads with signposts. The distance from the parking place to the competition center is about 2 km.



Middle final bus schedule for officials

bus tickets for officials 11.7