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13B JWOC2017 Training – Pispala 3km


JWOC2017 training map.

Delivery: Suunnistajankauppa, Sammonkatu 50, 33540 Tampere

1-149 price is 6€, 150-399 price 5€ and more than 300 price is 4€

Product Description

Course 3,0 km by bird flight, 22 CP (changed 10th of August 2016). Almost same course was on Tampere Suunnistus 2016 sprint M21 course. Results from there http://www.koovee-suunnistus.fi/kisasivut//index.php/main/kisa/31/3219/content

NB! On kindergarten area (control no 2) is allowed to run only on weekends, or workdays after 17 o’clock. Please close the gates after training!

Map scale 1:4 000. Map size A4.
Location: Pispala


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